A new left for new times

Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide victory opens a new period in British politics. A new mass socialist movement is born, bringing hundreds of thousands into political life. This movement can transform Labour and transform Britain, as long as it adopts consistent socialist policies and fights for a thoroughgoing socialist transformation of society.

Where we stand

Red Flag is a revolutionary socialist initiative campaigning in the Labour Party, in the trade unions and among young people for:

  • a revived Labour Party with socialist policies, under the democratic control of its new mass membership
  • a mass social movement to fight the Tory government with direct action, in the workplaces and on the streets
  • a left-wing Labour government that breaks with the capitalists and their agenda of austerity and war
  • international solidarity with refugees, migrants and the workers of the world, not war, occupation and racism
  • a democratically planned economy for equality and ecologically sustainable development
  • a social revolution, a Socialist Republic of Britain and a socialist world

A revived Labour Party with socialist policies

Jeremy’s decisive win opens a huge opportunity to build a genuinely mass party in working class communities, campaigning in the workplaces and on the streets around clear socialist policies.

Against austerity

  • 100% opposition to Tory austerity. No cuts to welfare, services, jobs or pay.
  • End cruel benefits sanctions – stop forcing disabled people to work.
  • Tax the rich, not the poor: raise taxes on business and the wealthy. Clamp down on tax avoidance.

A planned economy for the workers, not the rich

  • Take over the banks and financial institutions without compensation.
  • Merge the banks into a single state-owned investment bank under direct democratic control of the working class majority.
  • Jobs for all. For a massive programme of investment to create socially useful, sustainable jobs. End precarious working – make casual contracts permanent, including apprenticeships.
  • Share the work. Cut the hours to a maximum 30 hour working week and reduce the retirement age to 60 for all.

Fight exploitation

  • Raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour, for all, regardless of age.
  • Work or full pay. Benefits for the unemployed and pensions for the retired at the level of minimum wage or final salary, whichever is higher. Pensions to be nationalised and guaranteed.
  • End the pay freeze. Peg wages to a people’s cost of living index.
  • Nationalise the top monopolies under workers control and without compensation. This to include the great food, water, energy, transport, infrastructure, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, property, retail, technology and telecoms conglomerates.
  • Draw up a socialist economic plan through mass direct democracy, matching production and distribution to popular need not private greed.
  • Cancel the national debt to the private bondholders and refuse to submit to blackmail from international financial institutions.

Public services not private rip-offs

  • Build and improve publicly owned social housing all over Britain, freezing rents, guaranteeing tenancies, stopping the sell-off of estates.
  • A National Education Service from cradle to grave, free at the point of delivery. Bring all schools and nurseries under public ownership under control of parents, teachers and pupils.
  • Massive investment in health including mental health services.
  • Scrap student fees and loan schemes. A living grant for all.
  • End PFI/PPP and renationalise privatised services. Restore local democracy: end the cap on local authority spending.

Extend democracy

  • Abolish anti-trade union laws. Employment protection from day one.
  • Votes at 16.
  • Nationalise the media, guarantee right to reply, launch new mass media under democratic control of the labour movement.
  • Abolish the Monarchy, the House of Lords, the Privy Council.
  • For a single chamber, elected by proportional representation.
  • Self-determination for Scotland and Wales, including the right to separate from the UK if a majority choose it.

Defend our environment

  • Reinstate solar and wind projects.
  • Stop fracking.
  • Phase out fossil fuels.
  • Promote a planned shift to sustainable energy.

Against discrimination and oppression

  • No to racism in all its forms, to Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and national chauvinism.
  • No to sexism, complete equality for women, equal pay now.
  • No to oppression and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.
  • Free abortion on demand.
  • 24-hour free childcare facilities for all.
  • No to discrimination on grounds of disability. Abolish Work Capability Assessment, reinstate all benefits.

Internationalism not imperialism

  • Cancel Trident.
  • Britain out of NATO.
  • Welcome refugees and migrants. Yes to freedom of movement, no to immigration controls.
  • No more imperialist wars. Britain out of NATO. Troops out of Afghanistan, Eastern Europe, Ireland and all overseas postings.
  • Don’t bomb Syria – no to British wars. Solidarity with Syrians and Kurds fighting ISIS and Assad.
  • Stop backing Israel, its occupations and wars. Boycott Israel and support Palestinian self-determination and the return of Palestinian refugees.
  • Break ties with the far right Ukrainian government.
  • Not a penny or a person for the defence of the billionaires’ system. Not a standing army loyal to the establishment, but a defence force of the working class majority.
  • No to the undemocratic institutions of the EU. No to a British nationalist walkout – for a United Socialist States of Europe.

Strengthen the labour and working class movement

We can revive the Labour Party and the trade unions, recruiting the young and the old, the working and the unemployed, the casual workers, women, black and Asian people, migrant workers, LGBT people, the skilled and unskilled, the manual and the office workers.

  • End the bans on socialists and the purge of new members. Restore the right of local Labour Parties to select and if necessary deselect their local and parliamentary candidates.
  • Full policy-making powers to be in the hands of the membership, not the MPs or grandees.
  • Labour MPs to be under the democratic control of the party’s membership, not the other way round.
  • For a democratic and socialist constitution for Labour that sets public ownership and socialism as our goals.
  • For workplace Labour Party branches and mass Labour women’s, BME, LGBT and youth organisations.
  • Labour councils should refuse to carry out Tory cuts and rally nationwide resistance including coordinated strike action against undemocratic Tory disqualifications and any attempted imposition of commissioners.
  • All Labour and union officials to be subject to regular re-election and to the right of the members to recall them, and to be paid the average wage of the workers they represent.
  • For cross-union and cross-industrial combines of workers that can take action even against the wishes of union officials where necessary.
  • Workers of all countries, unite – build  an international union of revolutionary socialist 

A mass social movement to fight the Tory government

We can’t wait until 2020 to get rid of the Tories. With such a small majority, the Tories can be beaten, if we mobilise mass action.

  • Strikes against Tory cuts to pay, conditions and services. Solidarity strikes.
  • Occupy all services and facilities facing closure.
  • Mass civil disobedience to support strikes and occupations.
  • For a general strike if the Tories try to ban, prosecute or surcharge unions or their members for taking action.
  • For Councils of Resistance, with delegates from local union branches and workplaces, from tenants’ campaigns, antiracist and women’s initiatives, student and youth groups and Labour Party branches.

For revolution

  • Even a House of Commons of 630 Jeremy Corbyns would not be enough to legislate capitalism out of existence, because faced with a mortal threat to their profits and privileges the ruling class would use all means at their disposal to restore their order, including a military coup.
  • A left-wing Labour government should not accept the sabotage of the rich, but should be a workers’ government and take power out of the hands of the unelected civil servants, CEOs, security chiefs and generals.
  • We need a mass party committed to revolution, which will mean the forcible dispossession of the ruling class through direct action from below, breaking up their unelected apparatus of coercion, taking power into the hands of workers’ councils and a working class defence force.
  • Today hundreds of thousands of people are changing British politics. Soon millions can change Britain. All together, we can bring down the Tories and open the road to a working class government and a social revolution.