Leon Trotsky was one of the leaders of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution in Russia, was exiled, and ultimately murdered by one of Stalin’s assassins. This book provides an accessible introduction and defence of Trotsky’s ideas whether you are an experienced activist or new to revolutionary Marxism.

Trotsky was the only leading Russian revolutionary to not give up the fight against the bloody Stalinist regime that lied and murdered its way to political power in the world’s first workers’ state.

To study Leon Trotsky’s life does not mean falling into the “Great Men” theory of history. Still less does it mean setting up a new cult of Trotsky’s personality along the lines of the Stalin cult that he so despised.

The Trotskyist movement today bears his name not because we are trapped in the past, but because we are fighting for the future. Leon Trotsky was a revolutionary. We study his life, his actions, and his writings, because we too are committed to revolution.

Trotsky: The Life and Struggles of a Revolutionary Marxist, Richard Brenner, Prinkipo 2011, 181pp, £7.99