In February 1917, women’s demonstrations sparked a revolution that overthrew Russia’s dictatorial ruler, Tsar Nicholas II. In October, the working class took power into their own hands in the world’s first socialist revolution. This act inspired revolutions across Europe, but one by one they were defeated.

Only Russia’s workers and peasants held out. The Red Guards defeated the White armies of the landlords and bosses – and those of 14 nations sent to strangle the young workers’ democracy in the its cradle.

This is the story of how ordinary people made a revolution that changed the course of history. We have updated and republished this book in 2017 because we are confident that the lessons of socialism’s past hold the key to its future.

The Road to Red October: The Bolsheviks and Working Class Power, Prinkipo 2017, 226 pp, £7.99 inc. P&P