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The women’s strike in Switzerland – a historic day!

On June 14, in Switzerland, around half a million people took part in the women’s strike. In all major cities, but also in parts of the country that are not well organised politically or in trades unions, women, especially those who work in the care sector or education, were on strike. In many places, strikes and actions began in the morning and spread throughout the day. According to the Swiss Confederation of Trade Unions, some 100,000 people took part in the strike on the morning of 14 June.

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The fight for women’s liberation

By Joy Macready Women’s oppression long predates capitalism. Indeed it goes back to the origins of class society. But each succeeding mode of production and exploitation altered the family unit of women’s oppression and...

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Red Flag issue 11 Editorial: March 2017

IN A time of increasing political instability and tension that has given us Donald Trump and Brexit, it’s reassuring to see one old tradition reasserting itself against a global lurch to the right. Returning to the radical...

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