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PCS: Rank and File or Broad Left?

Differences within Left Unity, the ruling faction of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), have prompted the Socialist Party to launch a faction within that faction, the Broad Left Network. At the same time, the PCS Rank and File Network is being launched. This raises the question of how best to organise in the unions – rank and file or broad left?

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Which way forward for the unions?

As the Autumn’s coordinated strike action stalls, Jeremy Dewar reviews the unions’ record and asks how we can stop the retreat Up to 150,000 marched in London, Glasgow and Belfast in October in response to the TUC’s call,...

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Editorial: organise the rank and file

Over the past year or two the failure of the union leaders – left as well as right – to call the escalating and united action they have promised at the TUC and union conferences, and the catastrophic retreat without a fight at...

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Broad lefts or rank and file?

There is renewed interest in rank and file trade unionism among sections of the far left at the moment. Here we publish a guest article by Tim Nelson of the International Socialist Network (ISN) as a contribution towards future...

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After Grangemouth defeat – stop the rout

  By Jeremy Dewar Unite – the biggest union in Britain with 1.3 million members – has accepted the most humiliating terms of surrender to Ineos, owners of the Grangemouth refinery and petrochemicals plant. Ineos workers’...

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