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PCS: Rank and File or Broad Left?

Differences within Left Unity, the ruling faction of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), have prompted the Socialist Party to launch a faction within that faction, the Broad Left Network. At the same time, the PCS Rank and File Network is being launched. This raises the question of how best to organise in the unions – rank and file or broad left?

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PCS ‘left’ ditches democracy

By Rebecca Anderson, 30 January 2015 The National Executive Committee of the Public and Commercial Services union has made the outrageous decision to cancel annual elections for both their own committee and the Group Executive...

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Which way forward for the unions?

As the Autumn’s coordinated strike action stalls, Jeremy Dewar reviews the unions’ record and asks how we can stop the retreat Up to 150,000 marched in London, Glasgow and Belfast in October in response to the TUC’s call,...

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PCS: New strategy needed

By Rebecca Anderson   The issue of overriding importance at this year’s conference of the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union  will again be the battle to save our pensions. The government has now implemented the...

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PCS conference declares war on cuts

PCS Annual Delegate Conference 2011 will be remembered as the conference that declared war – class war – on the coalition government, but whether we can win depends on the leadership’s willingness to go beyond the strategy...

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PCS: time to move beyond one-day strikes

The Public and Commercial Services Union has played a leading role in calling for the co-ordinated public sector strike on 30 June, writes Rebecca Allan, PCS rep PCS conference will vote on 18 May to ballot 250,000 members in...

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