Karl Marx at 200

By Martin Suchanek ANNIVERSARIES NEVER serve as a mere recollection of a person’s historical work. When they are about an epoch-making theorist like Karl Marx, who together with his friend and companion in struggle Frederick

Marxist Theory

Trotskyism in the 21st Century

Founding principles 1. The League for the Fifth International regards itself as a Leninist-Trotskyist international tendency fighting to build a Fifth International based on the Marxist foundations of the previous four Internationals. Our programme is

Marxist Theory

Theses on Electoral Tactics

How should revolutionaries operate in elections and parliament? 1. In the epoch of progressive capitalism, parliament represented a forum in which the political leaders of the bourgeoisie and its allies debated and decided the policies

Marxist Theory

Theses on the United Front

Our complete theses on the united front and how revolutionaries use the tactic to win support and leadership within workers’ struggles. Principles of the United Front 1.1 The united front is based on a series

Marxist Theory

What is the Working Class?

What makes someone working class? How does the working class fit into capitalism? This resolution provides a political economic analysis of the working class under capitalism. Resolution on the Characterisation of the Working Class 1.

Marxist Theory

Theses On Reformism

Reformism and the workers' movement The fundamentals of the Marxist critique of reformism were worked out by the founders and developers of scientific communism. Marx and Engels laid the foundations of this at the time