Karl Marx at 200

By Martin Suchanek ANNIVERSARIES NEVER serve as a mere recollection of a person’s historical work. When they are about an epoch-making theorist like Karl Marx, who together with his friend and companion in struggle Frederick Engels, founded “scientific socialism”, there are only two possibilities for the ruling class or the left wing of the bourgeoisie, … Continue reading Karl Marx at 200

Marxism and… Cooperatives

The concept of cooperatives as an alternative to both private and state ownership has resurfaced courtesy of a recent speech by Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell. This article sets out the Marxist critique of the prospects of cooperatives to exist within and act as a focus to overcome a capitalist market economy. In the 19th … Continue reading Marxism and… Cooperatives

Trotskyism in the 21st Century

Founding principles 1. The League for the Fifth International regards itself as a Leninist-Trotskyist international tendency fighting to build a Fifth International based on the Marxist foundations of the previous four Internationals. Our programme is rooted in the programmatic conquests of the Communist League and the International Working Men’s Association, the orthodox Marxist and revolutionary … Continue reading Trotskyism in the 21st Century

Theses on Electoral Tactics

How should revolutionaries operate in elections and parliament? 1. In the epoch of progressive capitalism, parliament represented a forum in which the political leaders of the bourgeoisie and its allies debated and decided the policies of their state. In their battles for supremacy against historically reactionary classes and against foreign competitors, the bourgeoisie was often … Continue reading Theses on Electoral Tactics

Theses on the United Front

Our complete theses on the united front and how revolutionaries use the tactic to win support and leadership within workers' struggles. Principles of the United Front 1.1 The united front is based on a series of tactical principles that govern the relations between the revolutionary vanguard and other organisations of the exploited and the oppressed … Continue reading Theses on the United Front

What is the Working Class?

What makes someone working class? How does the working class fit into capitalism? This resolution provides a political economic analysis of the working class under capitalism. Resolution on the Characterisation of the Working Class 1. For revolutionary Marxists the concept of class is a central starting point for understanding the character of social processes and … Continue reading What is the Working Class?

Theses on the Early Stages of Party Building

This document outlines the early stages of building a revolutionary party. It provides guidelines for revolutionaries work across the class struggle and how to establish a firm foundation in the working class. Also available in Italian Introduction 1.1 The LRCI reaffirms its general understanding of the stages of party building contained in section 7 of … Continue reading Theses on the Early Stages of Party Building

The Method and Principles of Communist Organisation

Introduction Part one of the theses sets out Lenin’s conception of the relation between the communist party and the working class, correcting certain misunderstandings of Lenin’s famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) pamphlet What is to be Done? and demonstrating the practical utility of Lenin’s critique of economism (‘chvostism’) today. But the … Continue reading The Method and Principles of Communist Organisation