Red Flag issue 29

No Pride in deportations!

50 years after the Stonewall riots, over a million people flooded central London for the biggest ever annual Pride celebration. The actual march, limited to just 30,000 participants by Pride organisers, was overwhelmingly a jamboree of corporate and government pink-washing

Pride is Political

The Stonewall Rebellion 50 years on

Pride must not be handed over to the corporations or the liberals, let alone the police, just to show “how far we have come”. We owe it to those facing beatings and murders today to make it a militant demonstration of solidarity with them.


Defend Edson Cosmas!

The British Home Office is trying to deport Eddy Cosmas, a gay refugee and LGBT activist from Tanzania. Homosexuality is illegal in Tanzania; prison terms can be as much as 25 years. Anti-gay violence is rife


Where does homophobia come from?

WHY IS homophobia still so prevalent around the world? Can lesbians and gay men achieve equality under capitalism? To answer these questions, we need to understand the role families and relationships play within the current social