Red October: The working class takes power

IN THE February Revolution of 1917, the workers and soldiers of Petrograd rose in spontaneous revolt against the hardships caused by two and a half years of war. Civilians were verging on starvation, while those fighting suffered horrendous losses - 1.5 million had been killed, five million wounded, with millions more taken prisoner. Demonstrations by … Continue reading Red October: The working class takes power

Trotsky: an introduction

Trotsky was one of the leaders of the Russian revolution, a lifelong advocate of working class power and socialism, who was exiled and ultimately murdered by a Stalinist assassin.¬†This biography book is a fact based and thought-provoking¬†introduction to the life and times of Leon Trotsky. Introduction Since the dawn of civilisation, the history of humanity … Continue reading Trotsky: an introduction