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Immigration and the Trade Unions

The recent election of a Conservative government, with one of the most openly racist Prime Ministers and Cabinet in living memory, the victory of an openly xenophobic and anti-immigrant Leave campaign in the 2016 referendum, and the rise of racist and xenophobic movements in Britain and throughout the world, have all raised questions as to how the working class movement should respond to what appears to be growing support within the working class for restrictions on immigration

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Elect Jerry Hicks Campaign Page

Jerry Hicks is running for election to become General Secretary of Unite, Britain’s largest union. He’s standing on a rank and file ticket and wants Unite to be led by its members and lead the resistance to cuts and...

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An Action Programme for Unite

  Here we set out what we think grassroots militants and socialists in Unite should be uniting around to fight for a union which is democratic from below, willing to oppose all austerity measures, and capable of taking on...

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