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PCS: Rank and File or Broad Left?

Differences within Left Unity, the ruling faction of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), have prompted the Socialist Party to launch a faction within that faction, the Broad Left Network. At the same time, the PCS Rank and File Network is being launched. This raises the question of how best to organise in the unions – rank and file or broad left?

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An action programme for Left Unity

As Left Unity, the project to form a new party of the working class, approaches its founding conference, Workers Power supporters are calling for the new organisation to adopt fighting policies to combat the Coalition and its...

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The purpose of the Class Struggle Platform

At its meeting in June, the National Coordinating Group of Left Unity decided that platforms, with a minimum of ten signatures, could put resolutions to the November founding conference. In the course of the summer, three...

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Platform for a class struggle party

We have drafted a third ‘platform’ to extend the debate within Left Unity. Having read the two platforms currently circulating – the Left Party Platform and the Socialist Platform – we were struck by an obvious similarity...

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Left Unity: ducking decisions in Doncaster

Five weeks after Left Unity’s first national conference around 40 delegates attended its first National Coordinating Group (NCG) meeting in Doncaster. Ten had been elected at the national meeting on 11 May whilst the...

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Branch building in Left Unity

  By Paul Silson, Wakefield Left Unity This month Ed Miliband announced that he would follow the Con-Dem coalition’s lead and vowed to cap spending on welfare. This statement follows a long list of betrayals and climbdowns by...

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