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The women’s strike in Switzerland – a historic day!

On June 14, in Switzerland, around half a million people took part in the women’s strike. In all major cities, but also in parts of the country that are not well organised politically or in trades unions, women, especially those who work in the care sector or education, were on strike. In many places, strikes and actions began in the morning and spread throughout the day. According to the Swiss Confederation of Trade Unions, some 100,000 people took part in the strike on the morning of 14 June.

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For a working class women's movement

Working class women across the country are confronting austerity and winning local battles. Bringing these class fighters together to forge a working class women’s movement has the potential to bring the cuts government to its...

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Beyond the Fragments?

Review: by Joy Macready 2013 edition Authors: Sheila Rowbotham, Lynne Segal, Hilary Wainwright Beyond the Fragments: Feminism and the Making of Socialism was a seminal book in the 1980s. It has been reissued with new essays by...

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Marxism and Feminism

Revolutionary communists start from the view that working class women are the central agency in the struggle against their own oppression, aided at every step by class-conscious working class men. As Lenin wrote: “We say that...

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Obituary: Betty Friedan (1921-2006)

Betty Friedan, who died last month, was a key figure in the modern women’s movement. Her book, The Feminine Mystique, published in the United States in 1963, galvanised women into action and shook up the picture of the...

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Obituary: Andrea Dworkin, wrong target

Andrea Dworkin died last month. Dworkin was seen by most as an intransigent, man-hating radical feminist. She wrote extensively about male violence, drawing upon her own experiences. Dworkin had a very traumatic life. She...

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