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Kiev losing a war on two fronts

By KD Tait On 5 September, six months of fighting between the ultra-nationalist regime in Kiev and the militias of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics was brought to an end by a ceasefire signed in Minsk, Belarus. On 16...

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Civil war and class war in Ukraine

By KD Tait In Ukraine, ‘war is peace’. The government air force marked the end of one “ceasefire” and the start of a “peace plan” with the terror bombing of the defenceless village of Kondrashovka. Scraps of...

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The disgrace of the Maidan leftists

By Dave Stockton One of the most striking features of the events in Ukraine, both before and after the February coup, was the disgraceful response of some groups on the British and international left, including Socialist...

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Never forget Odessa and Mariupol!

By KD Tait On 2 May the government in organised a pogrom against anti-government protesters, in which official figures admit that at least 46 people were killed, more than 200 were injured and 78 people hospitalised. Forces...

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Ukraine: Maidan and Antimaidan

By KD Tait The crisis in Ukraine has divided the international left and produced the deepest international crisis in Europe in 15 years. We argue that the conflict and our response must be situated in the context of a new period...

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