EU Elections: The many shades of nationalism

At the beginning of his term of office, the French President, Emmanuel Macron, announced that his election heralded a “new world”, no less. The outcome of the recent EU elections certainly shows that France is entering a new political order, or perhaps disorder, would be more correct.
The two governing parties of the last fifty years, the Socialist Party, PS, the heir of François Mitterand, president from 1981-1995 and Les Republicains, heirs of Charles de Gaulle, president from 1959-69, scored just 6.7 percent and 8.2 percent respectively.

The Left

Why not vote SNP?

By Peter Main All indicators point to a massive swing from Labour to the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) in the coming election. It is possible that the SNP could go from its present 6 seats


Marxism and elections

By Dave Stockton May 4, 2015 To understand how classical Marxists developed their tactics towards elections, we need to understand their analysis of the class nature of the state and of its political forms and

Labour Party

What's the point of voting Labour?

Long before the delayed publication of its election manifesto, the Labour Party leadership made very clear what their real priorities in government would be. In a glossy pamphlet called ‘A Better Plan for Business’ they


Vote to kick out the Tories

The importance of the 2015 general election is not just that it will be close-run and that new or previously fringe parties are gaining ground. In fact the fracturing of support for all three main