placard says "fight for our future"

An Energy Revolution Requires a Social Revolution

The climate disaster is already here for the millions across the world fleeing floods, fires and desertification. But now we have been given a deadline: in October 2018, UN scientists warned we have less than 12 years to keep global warming below 1.5C, the Paris Agreement’s goal, or face catastrophic, runaway climate change

Crowd of climate protesters in Liverpool

Liverpool Rises Against Climate Catastrophe

Surrounded by lollipop placards brandishing “system change not climate change!” slogans, we joined the forefront of the march lapping the city centre retail quarters, passing out leaflets along the way. Quotes such as “it’s my future” stood out to me in the fervor of the marching protesters, taking action simultaneously with other cities across the world in a stand against climate change, capitalism and corporate ecocide.

Brazil’s Days of Fire

With the onset of the dry season in the Amazon region, an inferno of forest fires has hit the Brazilian states of Rondônia, Pará, Mato Grosso and Amazonas. Satellite images show rainforest the size of one and a half football pitches being consumed every minute.This is a disaster not only for the inhabitants of the Amazon region itself but for everyone on the planet.

After the floods

THIS year has seen some of the worst floods, with areas from Aberdeenshire down to Lancashire under water. Large swathes of Northern cities like York, Leeds and Manchester were filled with muddy brown water. Families caught up in the deluge of Storms Desmond and Eva not only had their Christmas Read more…

Editorial: Stop the cuts – save the planet

IN PREVIOUS editorials we have argued for a strategy to beat the cuts, centring on the need to win the unions to an all out general strike to smash the austerity programme and kick out Cameron and Clegg. This month I want to use this editorial to discuss something not covered in the rest of the paper but which will affect us all if we do not take action.