Antisemitism past and present

The recent furore in Labour has renewed debate about the nature of one of the oldest forms of racism By Jeremy Dewar & Dave Stockton Religious bigotry is practically as old as religion itself. And Christian religious bigotry against Jews, unparalleled in the Muslim world of the same period, was a feature of the so-called … Continue reading Antisemitism past and present

“Labour antisemitism crisis”: stop the right wing sabotage

Statement Anti-Zionism is not antisemitism This campaign is actually directed against Corbyn and the party‚Äôs new left majority Fight all forms of racism Counter-offensive against the right starts now A cynical campaign is in full swing to destabilise the Labour leadership on the verge of the London Mayoral, local and regional elections, and in particular … Continue reading “Labour antisemitism crisis”: stop the right wing sabotage