The Credit Crunch: A Marxist Analysis

The Credit Crunch: A Marxist Analysis


Turmoil in the banking system, rising prices, stock market jitters and recession looming... all of a sudden after years of optimism - everyone is talking about a "crisis". 

But what caused the credit crunch? Some said lenders got "too greedy". Others blamed the regulators. Yet more denied it was even happening. 

The Credit Crunch - A Marxist Analysis offers a radically different explanation. 

Charting how the events unfolded, drawing on Karl Marx's theory of crisis, Richard Brenner and Michael Pröbsting argue that the credit cunrch foreshadows a crisis of globalisation. 

10 years after the 2007 credit crunch we have reprinted this book to make it available to a new generation of political activists debating how Labour can move beyond the crisis-ridden capitalist system. 

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