[PDF] Red Flag Issue 15

[PDF] Red Flag Issue 15

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Issue 15


1. Bring the class struggle into Labour

2. Labour's latest Brexit fudge

3. Tories plan new attacks on migrants

4. Shut down UK detention centres

5. Scrap the pay cap

6. McStrike can light a fire

7. Labour council reneges on Bin strike deal

8. Royail Mail picks a fight with CWU 

9. Civil servants ballot for action on pay

10. Referendum on Irish Abortion rights

11. India & Pakistan: the tragedy of partition

12. The threat of a new Korean war

13. Stop the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar

14. 21st century faces 20th century coup

15. End of the dream for US child migrants? 

16. The rebirth of the Democratic Socialists

17. Anti-EDL action in Keighley

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