Europe: The Revolutionary Alternative

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Our new action programme for Europe makes the case for a revolutionary solution to the continent’s crisis – the fight for a Socialist United States of Europe.


The European Union is failing in its ambition to unite the continent.

Brexit and the rise of the far right in many countries are disrupting it from within, while the American and Russian presidents openly encourage forces dedicated to its breakup.

The politicians and capitalists of the major states are themselves largely responsible for the impasse their neoliberal project finds itself in.

By imposing austerity, driving down wages, scapegoating refugees and migrants, they have alienated millions and called up destructive forces that threaten a terrible future for our continent.

Europe’s workers and young people must not follow our ruling classes down the road of nationalist rivalry and conflict. We need a pan-European struggle to replace the rule of the billionaire bankers, media barons and CEOs with a genuinely democratic and liberatory project – a Socialist United States of Europe.

To achieve this we need international organisation with a programme for common action by Europe’s working class and social movements.

Europe: The Revolutionary Alternative is our contribution to this task.