Civil Servants ballot over pay

The PCS is embarking on another pay ballot due to run from 18 March until 29 April. All civil servants deserve a decent pay rise – if the MPs can have one why can’t we?

Shamima Begum and British Citizenship

Shamima Begum’s request to return to Britain from a Syrian refugee camp has caused enormous controversy and exposed again the precarious position of second-generation migrants.

Ireland: Brexit and the Border

As Brexit talks stumble on the intractable backstop to the British border in Ireland, Bernie McAdam calls on British socialists to fight for the only internationalist response, abolish the border altogether!

Imperialism & The Holocaust

The Hitler genocide must be understood as a result of the function of fascism for the German ruling class and its war aims.

January 1919: The Spartakist Uprising

In 1919, having stopped the First World War and overthrown the monarchy, German revolutionaries attempted to spread the Russian socialist revolution to Europe by launching an insurrection in Berlin.