Join the revolutionary socialists

A few hundred billionaires monopolise more than half of the world’s resources in an economic dictatorship which legalises the exploitation of the many by the few.

Against the anarchy of production for profit, we stand for a society based on common ownership and a democratically planned economy for equality and ecologically sustainable development.

The pro-capitalist leaders of the Labour Party and trade unions have abandoned the struggle for socialism. In the era of climate change and coronavirus, the strategy of bargaining for reforms within the system is a gamble with extinction.

We stand for a mass workers’ party committed to revolution, which means the dispossession of the ruling class, the dissolution of their apparatus of coercion, and taking power into the hands of workers’ councils and a working class defence force.

We are an activist organisation that fights to build such a party by campaigning inside the trade unions, Labour Party, and struggles of the oppressed for a democratic, internationalist and revolutionary strategy in the class struggle.

When you join, you will be joining an organisation of revolutionary communist activists. That means you will be participating in regular activity organised by a regional branch or cell, based on our democratic and collectively agreed decisions on what tactics to put forward in the trade unions and social movements, writing for our publications, and taking part in a programme of Marxist education and activist training to help you organise in the class struggle.

If you agree with us, if you want to organise for revolution – join today.

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