International Affiliation

Red Flag is the British Section of the League for the Fifth International, an international organisation fighting for the formation of a new world party of socialist revolution.

We work closely with our sister sections and supporters across the world.

The L5I has sections in

  • Austria – Arbeiter*innenstandpunkt
  • Brazil – Liga Socialista
  • Britain – Red Flag Group
  • Germany – Arbeiterinnenmacht
  • Pakistan – Revolutionary Socialist Movement
  • Sri Lanka – Socialist Party
  • Sweden – Arbetarmakt
  • USA – Workers Power

International Programme

The League’s international programme was adopted at its Eighth Congress in 2011. Its policies and slogans were intended to guide revolutionary socialists in the struggles opened up by the Great Recession, the Arab Spring, and the wave of rebellions against austerity.

A new programme will be published in 2019.

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