Model Motion: support Jeremy Corbyn - stop the coup

Please feel free to use this as a template. If you pass this motion, please let us know by emailing That this Ward/CLP


  • The resignation of members of the Shadow Cabinet and subsequent attempt by a faction of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) to remove Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party
  • A vote of no confidence by the PLP that has no basis in the Party constitution
  • The statement of support for Jeremy Corbyn by leaders of the affiliated trade unions


  • The resignations and vote of no confidence by the PLP is an attempt to force Jeremy Corbyn to resign without consulting the membership
  • A new leadership election is an attempt to overturn the highest ever mandate secured by any elected party leader
  • A leadership contest without Jeremy Corbyn on the ballot would be undemocratic and illegitimate


  • To condemn the actions of the MPs whose disloyal behaviour has brought the Party into disrepute
  • To call on the NEC to discipline the parliamentary rebels to the full measure allowed by the constitution
  • To further call on the NEC to ensure that Jeremy Corbyn appears on the ballot if there is a leadership contest
  • To call on our MP to recognise Jeremy Corbyn’s democratic mandate to lead the Party
  • To further call on our MP to nominate Jeremy Corbyn if there is a leadership contest
  • To call for all loyal Party members, affiliated union members and supporters to organise meetings to reaffirm support for Corbyn as leader and discuss making the policies he was elected on the official policy of the Labour Party so we can offer a clear alternative and effective opposition to the Tories

To #KeepCorbyn our response must be swift and ruthless

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