Joined Labour and not being made as welcome as you'd have liked?

Keen to get the hundreds of new members in your area active? Then try these 5 helpful tips to get people involved

HOLD A SOCIAL EVENT It doesn't have to be all-signing, all-dancing...though that would be ideal. A local hall, someone's house, a local cafe or meeting room is fine. Make sure people can drop in - try a Saturday afternoon.

VISIT THEM Party activists frequently spend weeknights and weekends knocking on voters' doors across the wards and constituencies. So why not spend a weekend or two knocking on new members' doors - there are hundreds in most constituencies - and talking to them about getting involved.

HAVE LIVELY BRANCHES Make sure the routine business isn't allowed to crowd out discussion of the issues that energised hundreds of thousands and brought them into the party. Set discussions on topics like tax credits, refugees, the future of education, Trident and Syria, women's liberation etc.

DO STREET STALLS Get leaflets and sign up sheets and take to the streets to recruit new people. You'll probably meet quite a few that have already joined in the recent wave! Choose working class areas and bring in people from diverse backgrounds.

THINK ABOUT BECOMING A BRANCH OFFICER Why not become social secretary, membership officer, branch secretary? That way all your good ideas on welcoming new members can be put in practice every week.

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