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Immigration and the Trade Unions

The recent election of a Conservative government, with one of the most openly racist Prime Ministers and Cabinet in living memory, the victory of an openly xenophobic and anti-immigrant Leave campaign in the 2016 referendum, and the rise of racist and xenophobic movements in Britain and throughout the world, have all raised questions as to how the working class movement should respond to what appears to be growing support within the working class for restrictions on immigration

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Emergency Covid-19 Motion: Lambeth Unison

Lambeth Unison Branch Committee met on 17 March, some online a few in person, to discuss our response to the Coronavirus crisis. The following motion was passed unanimously, though there were many additional points and acute problems of under-preparedness and poor (or no) advice from Government, the Labour Council and Unison and the TUC raised in the discussion.

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Postal workers smash reballot – but should the coronavirus crisis block action?

To the surprise of many, when CWU leaders Dave Ward and Terry Pullinger announced the ballot result to members on Facebook,[2] they said they would not set dates for a strike, explaining that “it’s not the right moment for us at this particular point to take industrial action”. Since then Terry has said “we’ve got no choice in the matter”, citing the “unprecedented circumstances” of the coronavirus crisis.

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