Strategy & Tactics

Fighting the rise of the far right

By Jeremy Dewar ON JULY 14, amidst the political chaos of the Tory cabinet’s splits over Brexit and Donald Trump’s visit, a “Free Tommy Robinson” rally packed Whitehall with 6-10,000 assorted far rightists, fascists and

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Venezuela: a new strategy needed

THE CONVOCATION of a new Constituent Assembly has opened the latest, and possibly decisive, chapter in Venezuela’s political crisis. President Nicolas Maduro summoned the Assembly to give his regime greater democratic legitimacy and to sideline

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Strategy & Tactics

Marxism and… Cooperatives

The concept of cooperatives as an alternative to both private and state ownership has resurfaced courtesy of a recent speech by Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell. This article sets out the Marxist critique of the

Labour Party

Focus Can Help Momentum Succeed

By KD Tait SINCE Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide election as leader of the Labour Party, the grassroots network Momentum has formed 90 local groups to coordinate the activities of Labour Party members and supporters who want