Tory ‘Footprints’ put the boot into health

NHS Footprints plan is latest step to privatisation By Dave Stockton The crisis of NHS funding is reaching a turning point. According to John Lister “In many areas the threat of cuts and closures could soon be a reality.” He points out that after conducting a survey of 155 acute trust finance reports this shows that … Continue reading Tory ‘Footprints’ put the boot into health

Nato powers plot new Libya role

By Dave Stockton Five years after the NATO-led intervention into the revolutionary civil war that ended in the overthrow of dictator Muammar Gaddafi, Western powers are preparing to send ground troops into Libya. Britain, France and Italy may well play some sort of role.Their declared objective is to destroy Islamic State (IS) forces in Libya, … Continue reading Nato powers plot new Libya role

French workers defy government

By KD Tait French Trade unions have staged two nationwide days of action in response to the Socialist Party government's use of emergency powers to impose its reforms to the Work Law without a vote in the National Assembly. This reform is the most serious attack since the pension reform carried out by the right … Continue reading French workers defy government

Great powers fiddle while Syria burns

Beneath the rubble ordinary Syrians defend the democratic ideals of the revolution as western governments remain complicit in Russian bombing By Marcus Halaby Syrians in the rebel-held “liberated zones” marked the beginning of the US and Russian-brokered “cessation of hostilities” by coming out onto the streets in their tens of thousands, with anti-Assad rallies reported … Continue reading Great powers fiddle while Syria burns

What is Zionism? Q&A (short version)

A longer version of this article published for the 68th anniversary of the 1948 Partition of Palestine appears here. This shorter version was edited down for print. By Marcus Halaby What is Zionism? Isn’t it just a code word for Jews? Zionism is the idea that all Jewish people, regardless of their present location, citizenship … Continue reading What is Zionism? Q&A (short version)

Antisemitism past and present

The recent furore in Labour has renewed debate about the nature of one of the oldest forms of racism By Jeremy Dewar & Dave Stockton Religious bigotry is practically as old as religion itself. And Christian religious bigotry against Jews, unparalleled in the Muslim world of the same period, was a feature of the so-called … Continue reading Antisemitism past and present

Hillsborough exposes Establishment’s fear and loathing of the working class

The 27 year campaign for truth and justice is a lesson in the value of courage and solidarity By Dave Stockton Hillsborough – which saw the death of 95 Liverpool fans on 15 April 1989 - remains one of the worst sporting tragedies. Given that that it took 27 years for the South Yorkshire Police … Continue reading Hillsborough exposes Establishment’s fear and loathing of the working class

Eight months hard Labour: a new recruit writes

A party member in the Progress council bastion of Lambeth argues that victory is possible - and worth fighting for By Joe Clegg Summer 2015 was a time of great political excitement for me. Born under Maggie the Milk Snatcher, grown up under Tony the Warmonger, for the first time in my life, there was … Continue reading Eight months hard Labour: a new recruit writes

Fight for a Socialist United States of Europe

The “Referendum campaign” has been dominated by the public rows between the two wings of the Tory Party. But there are also those on the left advocating exit. This article makes the case for socialist internationalism By Dave Stockton The divisions amongst the Tories are rooted in the different interests of different sections of British capital, … Continue reading Fight for a Socialist United States of Europe

The Easter Rising, Ireland 1916

By Chris Clough Dublin, Easter weekend 2016, saw tens of thousands of people line the streets. Flags, banners and photos of martyrs were displayed on every street corner, shop and building. Socialists and Republicans marched through the city while the government held a military parade, complete with a fly over. Graffiti and stickers called for … Continue reading The Easter Rising, Ireland 1916