Against The Racist Endeavour

From the emergence of Zionism as a response to European antisemitism, through the duplicitous policies of Britain in Mandate Palestine to the establishment of the state of Israel and its role as the USA’s regional gendarme, Against the Racist Endeavour charts the struggles of the Palestinians against colonial oppression, invasive settlement, mass expulsion and war. … Continue reading Against The Racist Endeavour

The Road to Red October

For the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, Red Flag has published a new third edition of The Road to Red October, with a new preface, introduction, chapter on the 1905 revolution, a revised text, new conclusion and additional material. It is essential reading for all those who want to make "another world possible".   … Continue reading The Road to Red October

Trotsky: an introduction

Trotsky was one of the leaders of the Russian revolution, a lifelong advocate of working class power and socialism, who was exiled and ultimately murdered by a Stalinist assassin. This biography book is a fact based and thought-provoking introduction to the life and times of Leon Trotsky. Introduction Since the dawn of civilisation, the history of humanity … Continue reading Trotsky: an introduction