Author: Bernie McAdam

Workers Must Take Control of the Lockdown

The spectacular dithering and delay of Boris Johnson’s Tory government in the face of the unfolding Coronavirus pandemic becomes starker by the day. Ten years of Tory cuts to the NHS have resulted in a chronic lack of hospital beds, a severe shortage of testing and protective kits and insufficient respirators. Next came the stunningly stupid decision not to test health workers that self-isolate with the symptoms. Now we are faced with an equally damaging act of allowing non-essential work to continue. This is a recipe for the virus to spread uncontrollably throughout the population.

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Playing the Orange Card

The Brexit campaign has been directly responsible for a huge spike in national chauvinism and racist violence. To deny or minimise this, as some on the left do, is to completely ignore the impact of reactionary arguments like “needing to take control of our borders”, “stopping free movement from the EU” and “restoring national sovereignty” that have dominated the Brexit agenda. There is no progressive dynamic here but a reactionary harking back to Britain’s imperial past and accepting the myth that migrants are to blame for economic woes.

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