We are a socialist organisation that fights for a revolutionary alternative to capitalism through social revolution and working class power.

Today, billions of people are condemned to suffer war, famine and oppression, with life itself threatened by the capitalist classes’ ruthless struggle for supremacy.

The only progressive outcome of the struggle between the capitalists and the working class is socialism – a democratically owned and planned economy which meets the needs of the millions, not the millionaires.

To carry out a radical transformation of society, we need a radically different kind of party; a party led by its members, rooted in working class campaigns and communities, and committed to a revolutionary break with the British state and the capitalist class it serves.

We stand on a militant class struggle programme to unite the working class in the struggle for international socialism.

  • No to Brexit – fight for a socialist united states of Europe
  • Labour to power on an anticapitalist programme
  • For a workers’ government and a socialist republic

Join us!