Who we are

Red Flag is a revolutionary communist current fighting for a workers’ government, a democratically planned economy, and a socialist republic.

We are internationalists

We oppose all wars of conquest and oppression, while supporting liberation struggles and popular revolutions, by means of mass action by the working class, urban and rural poor, young people, and winning over the rank and file soldiers.

The imperialist powers justify their systematic exploitation and plundering of African, Asian and South American countries with racism, with false humanitarian concerns, or claims to be waging a war on terror. This propaganda serves to divide the working class at home and soften it up for wars abroad.

In opposition to this we unconditionally support the struggles of the semi-colonial countries against imperialism. We fight for the withdrawal of British troops from NATO and all foreign bases, including Northern Ireland. In any armed conflict, Britain acts as an imperialist power. Against this, we are for the defeat of our “own” army and for the victory of the oppressed.

However, we politically oppose the nationalists and Islamists who lead the struggles of the oppressed and seek to replace imperialist oppression with their own. Against this, revolutionary communists fight for the strategy of permanent revolution – for the anti-imperialist, democratic struggle to become a socialist revolution, led by the working class at the head of the people, the rural and urban poor.

Marx argued that a nation that oppresses another can never itself be free.  Red Flag supports the national rights of both Palestinians and Israeli Jews, calling for the right of all Palestinian refugees to return to Israel/Palestine and one democratic, secular state for both peoples.  We support the right to self determination for all oppressed national minorities, from the Kurds to the Tibet, Rohingya and Kashmir.

We fight for liberation

We fight against the oppression that capitalism inflicts on people because of their race, sex, age, sexuality, gender identity or disability, and for their liberation. These systems of ideological and institutional oppression ultimately serve capitalism. We support self-defence against all bigoted violence.

We fight racism and fascism. We support free movement and oppose all immigration controls. We support no platform for fascists, driving them off our streets and out of our communities. We campaign in the Labour movement to support anti-racist and anti-fascist movements and protests, and for a national labour and trade union stewards’ organisation to defend our movement.

Capitalism needs women to perform unpaid labour in the home to replenish the ranks of workers for future exploitation on a daily and generational basis. The need to uphold the oppressive ideals of the patriarchal family means the oppression of not just women but all LGBT+ people in bourgeois society.

We need a working class women’s movement to lead the fight against sexism within the labour movement and society at large, and caucuses of all oppressed groups to combat oppression in the left and labour movement.

Our goal is revolution

We stand for the expropriation of the capitalist class and the abolition of their ownership of the means of production. We are for its replacement by socialist production, democratically planned with the participation of all, to meet the needs of humanity and the ultimate source of all wealth, the earth.

Only a socialist revolution, which defeats and breaks up the institutions that support and defend private ownership of the economy, can achieve this goal. A revolutionary party must lead the working class, organising itself in workers’ councils and a workers’ militia, to bring this revolution to victory and establish the rule of the majority.

There is no peaceful, parliamentary road to socialism. The struggle against global capitalism for socialist cannot be completed in a single, isolated country. All these struggles must be waged internationally.

Workers, the young, the socially and racially oppressed, across Europe and the world, need to come together to fight for a new world party of socialist revolution. Learning from the strengths and the weaknesses of the four Internationals socialists have built since 1864, this must be the Fifth International. It has huge but vital tasks.

Join our struggle

Marx said it is not enough to understand the world, “the point is to change it” through revolutionary action. Red Flag is an organisation of activists, fighting to apply and update the doctrine of revolutionary Marxism for today’s conditions, through our magazine, website, meetings and campaigns.

We intervene into the mass organisations of our class and progressive struggles, from Labour and the unions to the social movements, helping to build and democratise them, taking part in their debates so as to win them to an effective anti-capitalist strategy, based on the class struggle.

At the heart of a revolutionary programme is a system of transitional demands, which serve as a bridge from today’s struggles to the socialist revolution, being based on workers’ self-organisation, mass action and anti-capitalist policies, the preconditions for a real workers’ government.

We do not claim to be “the party”, as so many groups on the left do. We believe that a revolutionary party is missing in Britain and needs to be built. The model for the party should be the Bolshevik party that led the Russian revolution to victory, the only successful workers’ revolution in history. Such a party must be as democratic as possible in terms of debate and decision-making, but as centralist as necessary in the struggle to be effective and win.

Like Trotsky, we believe this cannot be done in one country alone, isolated from revolutionaries in other countries. Red Flag is the British section of the League for the Fifth International. There have been four revolutionary communist international parties. The League exists to argue and agitate for a Fifth.

In Britain we stand for an action programme to organise revolutionary workers and youth:

  • No to Brexit – fight for a socialist united states of Europe
  • Labour to power on an anticapitalist programme
  • For a workers’ government and a socialist republic

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