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ABC of Marxism

V is for Value

If the process of production inevitably produces a bit of extra value, and that extra bit comes only from what the workers contribute, why should the profits go into the pockets of the business owners?

Labour Party

Frank Field 1979-2018

By Rebecca Anderson WE SHOULDN’T speak ill of the dead. That’s what Deputy Labour Leader Tom Watson must have been thinking when he eulogised Frank Field’s passing as a “serious loss” to the Labour Party.

Marxism A-Z
ABC of Marxism

X is for Malcolm X

Malcolm X was a heroic fighter for black liberation who had started his evolution from nationalism and separatism to socialism but was brutally murdered before its completion.

Red Flag issue 22

The AWL’s Zionist fetish

By Dave Stockton The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty group, AWL, is well known on the left for its assertion that the state of Israel embodies “the right to self-determination of the Jewish people”, has a