Some First Steps for Momentum’s Grassroots National Committee

The General Election is Momentum’s chance to help Labour activists give our campaign the radical socialist and campaigning edge it needs to defeat the Tories.

We need to ensure Corbyn’s message is delivered on the doorstep by the hundreds of thousands of new members his policies have inspired to join and fight for real change.

Grassroots Momentum was set up to enable Labour Party members and supporters to combine our efforts and create a shared strategy to take the party forwards – in our communities, workplaces and trade unions.

That’s why this weekend’s National Committee needs to focus on delivering a democratic forum for activists to engage with the campaign as it unfolds and prepares the ground to make sure that whatever the result – Labour’s grassroots are well placed to step up the struggle for a democratic, socialist, and fighting Labour Party.

Concretely we propose that the NC should

  • Convene the Forum of delegates from Momentum groups to agree a plan for highlighting Corbyn’s most radical policies, using methods that can draw in the working class and progressive movements 
  • Prepare for the struggle after the election – the deadline for CLPs to elect their delegates to conference has been extended to July. 
  • Organising to coordinate the Labour left organisations, campaigns and new and existing members who will want to build on the fighting lead that Jeremy Corbyn has given in his speech today. That means organising preparatory meetings for a convention of the Labour Left in the autumn.

Let’s seize this opportunity to break with the bad habits of the past and overcome the negativity by taking the offensive – against the Tories, the racists and the bosses, with a bold and ambitious campaign to build the fighting, socialist and internationalist party the working class needs and deserves.   

Red Flag is a socialist organisation campaigning within Labour for a democratically planned and owned economy. We campaign for grassroots democracy in the labour movement, militant defence of the oppressed and an anticapitalist programme for the Labour Party. Against Brexit, for free movement. Anticapitalist and internationalist.

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