Model Motion: Organise to defeat the rebels

For use in Momentum groups

Please feel free to use this as a template. If you pass this motion, please let us know by emailing

That this meeting


  • That rebels in the PLP have organised a vote of no confidence and a leadership contest to overthrow Jeremy Corbyn
  • That Momentum called a 10,000 strong demonstration in support of Corbyn
  • That Momentum has a huge membership base with thousands of new members joining to defend Corbyn


  • The rebellion is an attempt to inflict a political defeat on the anti-austerity, anti-war, pro-migrant politics of Jeremy Corbyn and the membership
  • The rebellion must be defeated and those who support it removed from positions of power or influence within the Party

Calls on the Steering Committee

  • To urge all local groups to convene emergency meetings to communicate a plan of action to defeat the rebellion
  • To immediately launch a drive to turn Momentum members into Labour Party members and pass details on to local groups
  • To launch a campaign of mass meetings across the country to promote support and activity around the policies Corbyn was elected on in 2015
  • To launch a campaign in the affiliated trade unions to ensure the leaderships back Corbyn and endorse him in any leadership election
  • To campaign to select General Election candidates that reflect the views of the majority of the Party membership
  • To work with labour movement forces to call a national demonstration at Labour Party conference