Month: April 2016

BHS goes bust: make Philip Green pay

By Dave Stockton High street staple BHS has gone bust with debts of £1.3 billion, a £571 million pensions black hole and nothing to show for its 88 year history other than a tidy profit for retail billionaire Sir Philip Green....

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Let all the refugees in

By Jeremy Dewar David Cameron claims, “This migration crisis is the greatest challenge facing Europe today. […] Where we can help, we should.” How to “help”? By sending warships to aid NATO, not to rescue refugees, but to “stop...

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Film Review: High-Rise

By Jeremy Dewar A 1975 apartment block plays host to Ben Wheatley’s adaptation of the eponymous JG Ballard novel, which portrays what antihero psychologist Robert Laing terms “a future that has already happened”. The film...

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