Statement: condemn the fascist pogrom in Odessa

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This is a statement drafted by Workers Power which we invite organisations and individuals to sign. Please circulate it to your members and supporters. To add your name to the statement please reply to this or email
May 3 2014
We unequivocally condemn the fascist pogrom in Odessa, carried out by Right Sector gangs loyal to the regime in Kyiv.
They torched the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, killing scores inside. The Nazi gangs finished off those who jumped from or fled the building, kicking them to death on the street. In the evening they carried out further pogroms against the population.
We unreservedly condemn this fascist terror, which is the direct consequence of the illegal Kyiv government’s attempt to impose its authority by force on the whole of southern and eastern Ukraine.
We condemn without equivocation all the attempts of this government of oligarchs and fascists ­ which has integrated the Right Sector fascist militias into their ‘forces of order’ – to spread their rule to areas that have justly resisted their illegitimate authority.
We declare our complete solidarity with the population resisting the offensive of the Kyiv regime and support their legitimate demands for autonomy.
We send our condolences to the family and friends of the martyrs in Odessa including to the comrades of the Ukrainian organisation Borotba who have consistently resisted the fascist advance into southeastern Ukraine and to the family of their comrade Andrey Brazhevsky, killed yesterday at the House
of Trade Unions.
We condemn the governments and politicians of the USA and EU states who have supported the coup and actually embraced the fascist leaders.
We likewise condemn the western imperialist media who continue to slander the resistance and cover for the crimes committed by the regime in Kyiv.
We appeal to the labour, socialist, anti-war and antifascist movements of the world to denounce the pogrom in Odessa, to condemn the offensive against the East and South, and to mobilise action in solidarity with the antifascist resistance in Ukraine.
Russian text
Czech text

– We condemn ALL imperialist powers (USA, EU, Russia) interfere into events in Ukraine.
– We support undistorted referendum in South and East Ukraine about their future – for right of inhabitants to choose from unitary Ukraine with decentralisation of political competencies, federal Ukraine, autonomy or independence from Ukraine
Read the Czech translation here

  • The Bolshevik Study Circles of South Africa

Tobias Abse
Gulnara Aitova, Alternativy, Russia (pc)
Mohammad Amirani
Brad Atkinson, London
Andrei Barlow, NUT Kent (pc)
Richard Bateman, Vienna
Jay Blackwood
Peter Braet, Belgium
Andrew Cooper, Lambeth
Gioia Coppola, Left Unity Greenwich & Lewisham branch
Brian Edouard Curdy, La Gauche – La Sinistra – Di Alternative, Switzerland
Andrei Barlow, NUT Kent
Paul Brennan
David Broder, UCU, (pc)
Miloš Đačić
Gerard Dinnen, Ireland
Ella Downing
Gerry Downing, Socialist Fight
Zari Esparam
Craig Farlow, Unite and IWW (pc)
Lisa Farrell, National Tertiary Education Union, Melbourne (pc)

Peter Flack, NUT, Leicester Social Forum, (pc)

Nick Foster, Left Unity, Bristol (pc)

Mark France, Unite and Left Unity Worcestershire (pc)

Matthias Fritz, IG Metall trade union (pc), Stuttgart, Germany

Nick Gerrard, Czech Republic

Alicia Fernández Gómez, Teacher, Asturias, Spain

Doug Enaa Greene, Communist writer, USAHamid Ghorbani

Matt Hale, Sheffield Left Unity Coordinator (pc)
Shahla Heydari
Danny Jennings, ISN (pc)
T W Jones, Left Unity (pc)
Boris Kagarlitsky, Institute for Globalization Studies and Social Movements (IGSO), Moscow
Said Ke, Stockholm
Mhairi McAlpine, Blogger at: Second Council House of Virgo
Sandy McBurney, Left Unity Glasgow (pc)
Chris McCabe, Cambridge
Jim Padmore, Left Unity Leeds (pc)
Harry Paterson, Nottinghamshire Left Unity (pc), Author of Look Back in Anger: the Miners’ Strike in Nottinghamshire 30 Years on
Pia Nyberg
Moira Hendrie Rafferty
Roy Ratcliffe,
Michelle Reeves, NTEU, Australia (pc)
Zhaleh Sahand, USA
Tito Tafa, New Zealand
Mike Tippett
Peter Tobin, Democracy & Class Struggle (pc)
Adrian Waters
Roger Welch, ISN, Portsmouth (pc)
Craig Wroe

Red Flag is a socialist organisation campaigning within Labour for a democratically planned and owned economy. We campaign for grassroots democracy in the labour movement, militant defence of the oppressed and an anticapitalist programme for the Labour Party. Against Brexit, for free movement. Anticapitalist and internationalist.

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  1. Please add my name. In my view Duncan Chapple and Liam McUaid ( and anybody else in the USec who supports their stance)have blood on their hands. Their libels against Borotba who had comrades in that building ( at least one of whom was murdered and at least one of whom was very badly beaten up by the fascists) helped create a climate in which the neo-Nazis of Pravy Sektor , the stormtroopers of the Kiev regime, could murder our comrades with impunity

  2. Once again, the western capitalist and neo-liberalist governments are aiding the extreme right.I fully agree with your statement.Please add my name to the petition. Mr T W Jones, (LU member)

  3. If the pro-Russian mobilisations in Ukraine are anti-fascist, why are supporters of Russian fascist organisations like the Black Hundreds, the Eurasian Youth Union, The Other Russia, and the ‘Slavs’ taking part in them?

  4. i totally agree with the statement . down with fascism & nazism !
    it´s an honor to sign the petition .
    Said Ke , stockholm Art School

  5. “The main enemy is at home.” That was the slogan adopted by Rosa Luxemburg’s comrade Karl Liebknecht as he rejected German imperialism. Lenin said this was the slogan of all principled internationalists in every imperialist struggle. In Britain today we have five broadcasters peddling NATO propaganda. The task of socialists fighting or working class solidarity across national borders is not to join the chorus of NATO propaganda. On the contrary,our task is to expose their hypocrisy. Time for all socialists to show a bit of backbone. Time to stop doing NATO’s dirty work. Solidarity with the victims of NATO’s Hitler-loving glove puppets.

  6. Please add my name and that is Socialist Fight to this statement. An open public meeting on the basis of this statement to launch an international solidarity campaign with Ukraine workers.

  7. It’s been a confusing situation, but I think things are clear enough now to see at least the outlines of what’s going on. The slaughter in Odessa cannot be too strongly condemned; there’s a coup government in the west, with fascist backing, attempting to impose a US backed takedown of yet another country. I don’t support Russia, another imperial power, but it’s far form clear that the rebel forces in the east are controlled by Putin.

  8. Good statement, well done for taking the initative.
    You can add my name.
    Matt Hale, Sheffield Left Unity Coordinator

  9. Crush the fascists, crush Western and Eastern imperialisms, for socialist revolution! Unite in a Fifth International!

  10. This fascist putsch would not have had a chance of success if not for the concerted intervention of US and EU imperialism. These imperialists have relied on fascism to impose the diktats of the IMF and EU austerity when they could rely on no one else. From the depression of the 1930’s to the present depression, same problem, same solution, fascism! The left must unite and campaign hard for the victims of this atrocity. Excellent initiative. Solidarity comrades.

  11. All socialists should support this statement. It is our duty as anti fascist to oppose the spread of the far right across the world. Solidarity to the Ukrainians resisting the fascist regime!

  12. Am not a Trot but a Marxist-Leninist (Who you, along with bourgeois anti-communists, call: ‘Stalinist’) but agree with your petition. Check out our website; Democracy & Class Struggle.
    Lal salaam

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