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A Labour Brexit? Definitely maybe

By Peter Main LABOUR’S CALL for a post-Brexit “transition period”, during which the UK would remain in the Single Market, has been presented as a clear-headed alternative to the government’s “constructive ambiguity”. Shadow Brexit Secretary […]

Shut down UK detention centres

By Jeremy Dewar BBC’S PANORAMA team have produced a powerful, courageous and shocking piece of investigative journalism that has blown the lid on Britain’s immigration detention centres. Its programme Undercover: Britain’s Immigration Secrets follows a […]
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May triggers Article 50

   FREEDOM screams the hate Mail. The blinding Sun, “beams this message from our iconic White Cliffs to our neighbours. DOVER AND OUT”. The Telegraph roars JUBILATION. But nearly half the population in Britain as […]
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Labour Party

Vote against Article 50

JEREMY CORBYN has imposed a three-line whip on Labour MPs to vote for Theresa May’s Bill to start the Brexit process. We believe this is a seriously wrong position. Leaving the European Union will be […]