Read or download issue 10 Subscribe online to have your copy delivered or get copies to distribute     Trump and Brexit: two sides of the same racist coin  Vote against Article 50 Regaining Momentum Millions march against Trump Build a coalition of resistance Vote McCluskey – but organise the rank and file Glasgow Labour scabs on strikers Scottish Labour misses left turn Ireland: hard border, hard Brexit Is Jeremy Corbyn turning right?Read More →

Read or download issue 9 Subscribe online   NHS primed for privatisation, but Labour councils can block it It’s not ‘our’ Brexit Inside Momentum: their politics and ours Labour MPs ditch free movement You are being lied to about immigration A progressive patriotism? Sparks fly at Crossrail Strikes stepped up at Southern Rail Bah Humbug Len McCluskey seeks third term Fracking menace threatens half of UK Trump’s victory and how he can be stopped Climate scepticism captures the White House The Syrian people’s revolution massacred in Aleppo (print version here)Read More →

Read or download Issue 8 Subscribe online   Welcome the refugees: open the Calais border Momentum falters Ni Una Menos – not one less woman In the era of Brexit attacks on immigration won’t help Labour “No need for a conspiracy”: antisemitism and free speech on Israel Labour needs to fight back against council cuts #FeesMustFall: South African students fight for free education Britain complicit in Saudi war crimes The political crisis in Spain NATO-Russia rivalry risks warRead More →

Read or download Issue 7 Subscribe online   Stop new Tory cuts Editorial: use the weapon of democracy Momentum’s next steps How can we stop the Labour Purge? Trade unions and the Corbyn movement 57 per cent back UK burka ban A compromise deal with PLP rebels will undermine Corbyn (print version here) Owen Smith’s record speaks for itself USA and Russia prepare partition of Syria G20: climate deal overshadowed by military tensions Burkini ban repealed but climate of fear prevails for French Muslims (print version here) The bitter fruit of Brexit  Read More →

Read or download Red Flag Newspaper Issue 6 RF06pp01-16small by KD Tait on Scribd   Join the Labour revolution: Join Labour to defeat the rebellion Red Flag No. 6 Editorial Brexit: a setback for the working class Support the teachers’ strike to defend education Freedom of movement is a rightRead More →

Read or download Red Flag Newspaper Issue 5   RF05pp01-16small Vote to Remain on 23 June Editorial Momentum NC puts foot on brake Lambeth resistance grows Momentum Youth and students to meet in Manchester Testing to destruction Teachers should vote to strike DWP pay deal sells union short Labour has to go back to basics in Scotland Joint enterprise is a court full of lies Northern Ireland: People before Profit enter Stormont History: Easter Rising 1916 Fight for a socialist united states of Europe Eight months’ hard Labour: a new recruit writes Hillsborough exposes Establishment’s fear and loathing of the working class Antisemitism past andRead More →