A defeated revolution: Finland 1918

The heroic fight of the Finnish workers tends to be unfairly overlooked when the great revolutionary events of 1917-18 are recounted. Jens-Hugo Nyberg tells …

Austria: 1500 school students strike against right-wing coalition government

By REVOLUTION – International Communist Youth Organisation ON 13 JANUARY tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Vienna against the new Austrian …

SPD Young Socialists step up opposition to new Grand Coalition in Germany

The final decision will be made by a ballot of the whole

Catalan nationalists collapse with a whimper

After the nationalist debacle, it's time for working class unity to fight for a socialist and democratic

Spain: after the nationalist debacle, unite the working class

ON OCTOBER 27, the Catalan Parliament declared independence by 70 to 10, with 55 abstentions. The Spanish state responded by removing the Catalan First …

Ireland: Abortion Rights Campaign secures referendum on Eighth Amendment

Escalate the struggle for safe, legal and free access to abortion for women across Ireland and the Six

Rally to defend democracy in Catalonia, Spain and Europe!

IN CATALONIA, the Madrid government’s refusal to grant bail to the “two Jordis”, Jordi Sánchez chairman of the ANC and Jordi Cuixart, chairman of …

Huge abstention takes the gloss off Macron’s majority

WITH 32 PER CENT of the votes in the first round of France’s parliamentary elections, Emmanuel Macron’s party, La République en

Donald Trump: with or without EU?

DONALD TRUMP’S first trip abroad as President saw him launch radical changes in US foreign policy from those pursued by his

Emmanuel Macron: class struggle ahead

DURING THE weeks between the first and second round of the French presidential elections, some on the French left called for a vote for Emmanuel Macron to …