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Condemn Assad and Putin’s war crimes in Idlib

THE SYRIAN Observatory for Human Rights reports that Bashar al-Assad’s warplanes, artillery and barrel bombing helicopters have launched a major assault on …

Business as usual in the ANC but fresh forces assemble to its left

NUMSA announces new 'Revolutionary Workers'

Hands off Afrin! Solidarity with the Kurds!

THE INTERNATIONAL workers' movement should take to the streets in solidarity with the justified resistance of the Kurds' against Turkish

Why won’t Labour show solidarity with Iran protests?

The Labour leadership's 'caution' is a cover for ducking its duty of solidarity and giving the Iran regime the benefit of the

Oppose UK support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen

By Marcus Halaby Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn condemned prime minister Theresa May for her silence on Yemen prior to her recent visit to Saudi Arabia, pointing …

Labour, anti-imperialism and the war in Yemen

A socialist international policy has to confront the imperialist division of the world driven by capitalist competition between nation

Arsonist fans flames: Trump’s green light against Qatar and Iran

PRESIDENT DONALD Trump’s 20 May visit to Saudi Arabia, for a summit of the six Gulf Arab states and 49 other Arab and Muslim-majority

Israel-Palestine: rhetoric starts to fit reality as illusion of two-state solution recedes

Normally, American Jewish leaders would expect to feel quite positive about a new US President apparently more friendly to Israel than his immediate …

Turkey: Erdogan moves to strengthen his rule after coup failure

By Svenja  AFTER a series of bomb outrages, including the killing of 41 people in Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport on 29 June, the resumption of the war against …

Women on the frontline

By Joy Macready WOMEN continue to face fierce austerity attacks on welfare, jobs, trade union rights, education, healthcare and childcare. Shouldering the …