The decision by Labour’s National Constitutional Committee, NCC, to suspend Ken Livingstone for a further year for “bringing the party into disrepute” is a victory for the Labour right and the Zionist movement. It is a victory for the right, who have cynically manufactured claims of antisemitism against leftwing party members in order to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and to sow division amongst his supporters. It is a victory for the Zionists in the Jewish Labour Movement, and outside the party, who claim a monopoly on the definition of antisemitism, seek to speak on behalf of all Jewish people, and wish to ensure that Labour neverRead More →

THE GRASSROOTS Momentum conference in London should be a chance to rally Labour members and supporters around a fighting strategy to push for democracy and socialist policy in the movement. The conference is the first chance Momentum’s members have ever had to meet up nationally. It is also the first national meeting of grassroots activists since John Lansman and Momentum’s employees dissolved it’s elected structures, cancelled the policy conference and organised sham elections, which duly returned a slew of Lansman’s supporters plus a toothless opposition. The grassroots conference gives Lansman’s opponents an opportunity to organise a model conference, giving a practical example of how membersRead More →

The lack of imagination at the top of the Labour Party was on display for all to see last week. Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday 12 February, Deputy Party Leader Tom Watson announced that Labour was considering a regional immigration policy: “I think you can actually say London requires more liberal immigration policies but there are other parts of the country where immigration may be putting pressure on public services like schools and hospitals. “That’s why I think when we come out of the European Union we can have an immigration policy that maybe addresses both those issues.” According to theRead More →

By Chris Taylor UNISON RECENTLY announced that striking Glasgow City Council IT workers have accepted an offer from the council and returned to work. Having secured guarantees that they will continue to be council-linked employees and suffer no redundancies or relocation, the strike has been called off. This brings to an end a dispute which began in November over the council’s proposal to outsource IT services to Canadian corporation CGI Group. Appallingly, the council’s ruling Labour group backed this move. Despite five of its executive members being trade union members, all five voted for privatisation. Throughout the dispute the council have subjected IT workers toRead More →

JEREMY CORBYN has imposed a three-line whip on Labour MPs to vote for Theresa May’s Bill to start the Brexit process. We believe this is a seriously wrong position. Leaving the European Union will be as disastrous for the working class, here, in Europe and around the world, as it was when Labour opposed it in the June 2016 referendum. In fact with Donald Trump’s inauguration and Theresa May’s enthusiastic alliance with him, this has become even clearer. Quite apart from the effect it will have on millions of workers’ and their families, who work abroad in Europe or come here to take up jobs,Read More →

BY KD Tait JEREMY CORBYN kicked off 2017 by announcing that Labour was not committed “in principle” to defending freedom of movement for workers within the European Union. This major retreat represents an attempt to reposition Labour as a pro-Brexit party, despite the fact that 65 per cent of Labour voters and an overwhelming majority of members oppose leaving the EU. The relentless pressure on Corbyn from Labour MPs and trade union leaders to “listen to people’s concerns about immigration” is motivated by the belief that opposition to Brexit and defence of free movement would be electorally disastrous for Labour. Since reducing immigration was theRead More →

By Chris Taylor In the 18 months since Jeremy Corbyn first secured a place on the leadership ballot, hundreds of thousands have joined Labour. By population, Scottish Labour should have seen a gain in the tens of thousands. In fact, fewer than 5,000 have joined the party. Unlike in the rest of Britain, there has been no great influx. With a few exceptions, new members have been coming to Constituency Labour Party (CLP) meetings in the ones or twos, rather than the hundreds seen in places like Brighton and some London CLPs. Of course, there has been an uneven growth in the party within EnglandRead More →

By KD Tait THE MOVEMENT that twice elected Jeremy Corbyn to Labour leader is defined by its opposition to austerity. But local government cuts mean Labour councils in many of the party’s heartlands have spent six years as the face of brutal cuts to the social fabric of our communities. Unless it is overcome, this contradiction will torpedo the development of a clear opposition to austerity and fatally undermine Labour’s general election prospects. In his closing speech to Labour’s annual conference, Jeremy Corbyn claimed “each and every Labour councillor deserves our heartfelt thanks for the work they do”. This statement followed a list of policiesRead More →