Model Motion: Solidarity with BFAWU McDonald’s workers

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MODEL MOTION: Solidarity with BFAWU McDonald’s workers 
This Labour Party branch/clp welcomes:
The decision to strike by forty staff in the Bakers’, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) at two McDonald’s stores, who voted by 95.7 percent to strike[1]
against cuts to hours and other attacks on union members, some of whom have been unable to make rent paymentsagainst the failure to deliver on the company’s promise to end zero hours contractscalling for a £10 per hour wage and trade union rights.
The public support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady for the BFAWU strike and solidarity actions at McDonald’s.[2] 
This branch/CLP believes:
This dispute is an important step by low waged, previously non-unionised workers to organise and stand up to a notorious employer in a notorious industry for undermining workers’ basic rights and conditions.
This has already seen gains, such as McDonald’s UK’s announcement that they would deliver on their previous promise of guaranteed hours contracts for every worker by the end of 2017.
The BFAWU McDonald’s workers need the full, concrete and urgent solidarity of the wider labour movement. This is a fight for us all.
Trade Union organisation, campaigning and strikes such as the #McStrike Campaign are a key part of a strategy to realising Labour’s manifesto promises – equal rights for workers from day one, £10 living wage, banning zero hours contracts – and building support for a Labour government. 
This branch/CLP resolves:
1) To fully support the #McStrike campaign by BFAWU, and send a solidarity message from this body.[3] 
 2) To publicise all activities and events in the strike campaign, encourage our members to attend, and to bring the branch/CLP banner where possible. 
 3) To give a solidarity donation of …….. to the strike fund.[4]
4) To call on our councillors and MPs in Chapel Allerton and Leeds NE CLP to follow Jeremy’s lead and publicly support the BFAWU campaign activities and strike.
5) To forward this motion calling for the same to the CLP, LCF, Region and the NEC.
[2] “I support McDonald’s workers who have balloted to strike for the first time in the UK.”;
[3] Messages of support can be sent to
[4] Payments can be made via this website:…