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Africa & Middle East

Women on the frontline

By Joy Macready WOMEN continue to face fierce austerity attacks on welfare, jobs, trade union rights, education, healthcare and childcare. Shouldering the double burden of unpaid domestic and waged labour, it is left to women […]
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Divisions at G20 summit

World powers reject calls for coordinated response, settle for status quo By KD Tait GROWING tensions between the world’s imperialist rivals are obstructing efforts to secure a coordinated response to the emerging economic crisis. Crunch […]
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Labour Party

Labour’s early years: 1900-1914

The first installment in our serialisation of a socialist history of the Labour Party. Read the second instalment: Labour recruits for carnage in WW1 By Dave Stockton Keir Hardie speaking at a Women’s Suffrage demonstration […]