Sunday, April 22, 2018
  • Asia & Oceania

    Solidarity with the Pashtun Protection Movement

    ON SATURDAY 21 April, a number of democratic and socialist activists were arrested by the Punjabi Police in Lahore, amongst them Ali Wazir, Bilawal Mandokhel, Muzammil and Ismat Shahjahan, all of them leaders of the [...]
  • Africa & Middle East

    Syria strikes risk escalating Middle East conflict

    By  Marcus Halaby  The overwhelming priority of the Labour movement today is to prevent Britain from taking any further military action in Syria, or from joining any new Trump-led escalations of conflict with Russia or [...]
  • International

    Brazilian left unites in response to arrest of Lula

    By Liga Socialista, Brazil THESE ARE tense days in Brazil. The political instability, which began with the parliamentary coup, heightened in the days leading up to the Federal Supreme Court hearing of Lula’s request for [...]
  • Asia & Oceania

    Pakistan: Tens of thousands at Pashtun defence meeting

    By Shahzad Arshad, Revolutionary Socialist Movement, Pakistan A NEW mass movement is developing in Pakistan. On April 8, tens of thousands of supporters of the “Pashtun Protection Movement” gathered in Peshawar, the centre of Khyber [...]