17/08/2016 0

Watson v Trotskyists: another dodgy dossier, another attack on democracy

Did you vote for Tom Watson for Deputy Leader last year? If so, chances are you had no idea he is an outright enemy of everything Jeremy Corbyn stands for. You’ll have noticed it by now. Since the 25 June Parliamentary Labour Party coup, Watson has emerged as a key figure in the Labour right’s unprincipled struggle to oust Corbyn. Watson’s latest dirty trick is to claim that young activists [...]


02/08/2016 0

The state of emergency in Turkey: No to the “civil coup”!

By Svenja  Although the attempted coup by elements of the Armed Forces on July 15 was successfully defeated, since then, there has been a decisive shift in the balance of power by which the president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has concentrated greater state power in his own hands. Even while the coup [...]